I’m a researcher working in gamma-ray astronomy, a branch of the wider field of high energy astrophysics. The theme underlying my research interests is the quest to understand the nature and origin of the energetic cosmic rays permeating our universe and continuously bombarding Earth.

DFG Emmy Noether Group 2021 –

In 2021 I started to lead a DFG funded Emmy Noether group, based at the Erlangen Centre for Astroparticle Physics, focussed on:
Unveiling the Origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays: Exploring Pulsar Environments at the Highest Energies

Current group members:
Dr. Samuel Spencer – PostDoctoral researcher since April 2022
Tina Wach – PhD student since May 2022
Thomas Lang – Masters student since April 2022
Mario Engelmann – Masters student since October 2022

Completed theses:
Darius GrĂ¼ber – Bachelor thesis (September 2022)
Analysis and interpretation of three composite VHE gamma-ray sources
Nick Scharrer – Bachelor thesis (October 2022)
Modelling Gamma-Ray Spectra of SNRs to predict their Detectability by SWGO