Undergraduate Research Projects

Available projects at ECAP are listed on this page
Currently supervising: two Master theses

October 2022: “Modelling Gamma-Ray Spectra of SNRs to predict their Detectability by SWGO” (Bachelor thesis)
September 2022: “Analysis and interpretation of three composite VHE gamma-ray sources” (Bachelor thesis)
April-July 2020: “Predicting the future pulsar wind nebula population in the TeV sky” (Bachelor thesis)
June-August 2019: “Predicting the future pulsar wind nebula population in the TeV sky” (internship)
August-December 2019: “Muon calibration algorithms for the Cherenkov Telescope Array” (internship)

Undergraduate Lecture Courses

Methods of Data Analysis II (FAU)

Winter Semester 2022-2023
Lectures and exercises on minimisation techniques and machine learning, followed by an extended data analysis project.

PHY465: Experimental Astroparticle Physics (UZH)

Spring Semester 2020 – Four lectures on cosmic rays out of a fourteen lecture Masters course.

Cosmic Ray Production
Cosmic Ray Propagation
Cosmic Ray Detection using Air Showers
Cosmic Ray Detection using Satellites
Accompanying Notes

PHY213: Nuclear and Particle Physics II (UZH)

Spring Semester 2020
Guest lecture on cosmic ray detection in ground-based and satellite experiments

Graduate Research

Autumn Semester 2019 and 2020: (UZH)
PhD student seminar “Astrophysical Thinking”